Frequently Asked Questions


Are surfboards and wetsuits provided?



How long is a surf lesson?

Approximately 90 minutes which includes wetsuit fitting, beach/ocean safety talk, beach lessons, and water time.


Are swimming skills required?

Yes. It is recommended that your participant has taken swim lessons and comfortable in the water.


Are the instructors certified?

All of our instructors are CPR certified.


What if surf conditions are not safe?

Our priority is the safety of our participants. If the conditions at surf camp are not safe we supplement with beach activities. If scheduled for a surf lesson, we will cancel and reschedule or refund.


How early can we drop off our participants?

No earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of camp (earliest to drop off is 8:45a.m.) We are still setting up and cannot supervise the participants.


What are surf camp hours?

Regular Surf Camp 9am - 3pm

Mini Makos is 9am - 12pm (No Mini Makos Summer 2020)


What if I’m late to drop off?

In an effort to keep the camp running efficiently, we do not allow arrivals after 9:30am unless previous arrangements were made with the director.


How early can I pick up?

If the participant has somewhere they need to be, please tell the instructors at check-in when you will be picking your participant up. Otherwise we ask that you do not pick up before 2:45 pm, as we like them to participate in the camp chant & clean up.


What if I’m late to pick up?

We allow a grace period of 10 minutes. After that we charge $5.00 every 5 minutes.


Are there makeup days if I miss a day?

We do not allow makeups for missed days. No refunds on no shows or missed days.


Can I stay and watch?

You may choose to stay, but please stay where the child cannot easily see you. We want the participants to fully participate in the camp and they perform better if they know you are not around. The participant needs to adhere to camp rules & stay in the camp boundaries. If the participant sees you and wanders off, it is hard to know who is watching them.


What if we need to cancel?

There are NO refunds on cancellations. Rescheduling may be done no less than one week prior to original scheduled date(s).


Can we do drop-ins?

We do not allow drop ins, 2020 sessions are by the week only.


What do we bring to camp?

Sunscreen, towel, water, snacks, any other sun protection needed, hand sanitizer, warm change of clothes, lunch. Fridays we provide pizza. If your participant has special dietary needs, please provide their own lunch that day as well. (no pizza Fridays summer 2020)